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[email protected] | Rainy

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Now that you’ve seen my pictures, what was it that first got your attention? Was it my soft blonde hair or my big blue eyes? Was it my pretty smile or my fishnet stockings? Was it the tattoo on my tummy or the rest of my soft, sexy, young body? Well, now that you’ve found me in the mix of Las Vegas escorts you’ve been looking at, isn’t it time to make the call and ask for Rainy?

As you can probably tell by looking at me, I love to play dress-up. Wearing sexy clothing is my second favorite thing to do. What is my first favorite thing? Taking it all off again, of course! What did you expect me to say?

Why do I love sexy outfits, you ask? Because, I'm something of an exhibitionist and flirt; I just love to flaunt my sexy body in public. From my sweet titties to my luscious young tuschy, I adore showing off and teasing strangers. The only thing better than that is finally taking it all off for someone who really appreciates a hot body. How many girls have you met, even other Las Vegas escorts, who would admit to that?

Why don’t you give me a call, so we can do some clubbing together with me showing off this sexy body? Can you just imagine how jealous all the other guys will be when they see you with one of the hottest Las Vegas escorts in town? Maybe even a few of the girls!

Most Las Vegas escorts just want you to take them to your room and get it over with. No me. I want to hit the town and show you a good time – first. Then we can head back to your room for even more fun – naked fun – remember? After all, getting naked is my favorite thing to do.

If you need a date tonight, call me. If you need a date for the weekend, call me. If you need a companion for an entire week out at the lake – please call me. I love the lake. I love the sun. You did notice, I don’t have any tan lines, right? What does that tell you? LOL!

Now that you’ve spent way too much time checking out all the other Las Vegas escorts, why don’t you get your hand out of your pocket and grab the phone? I’m ready and waiting, impatiently, for you to call and schedule a date with me, Rainy, the sexiest, flirtiest, most getting nakedest escort of all those Las Vegas escorts. You’ve been looking at!

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