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People tell me I’m perfect, but, I don’t know about that. I do know I’m popular, and different from most Las Vegas escorts, which is good enough for me. What makes me different? First, I’m from Caracas, Venezuela; born to my Venezuelan mother and my Chinese father, so I’m a mixed breed. Second, I worked in adult films in Venezuela before moving to Las Vegas. Third, I absolutely love my job.

Private, high class, VIP escorts in Las Vegas

That’s right, I love to provide high class, adult entertainment to visitors to our not-so-fair city…LOL! Hey, Las Vegas is the adult playground of the world, right? Where else would I live? For anyone looking for a grown-up good time, I’m one of the few Las Vegas escorts who has the experience to provide it.

Gentlemen love me, but so do the ladies. Both men and women seem to enjoy my dark, mysterious, Latin look, as well as my Latin passion. Yes, I am a very passionate lady, who loves to share. For me, role playing is a wonderful experience. I can be demure, or dominant. I can play the shy little minx, or the harlot. Whatever you are looking for among all those other Las Vegas escorts, you have found her in me. My goal is to make your dreams and fantasies into reality.

For the business woman in town for a week, who is too shy to explore her curiosity while at home, I am here to help you explore the side of yourself that peaks your curiosity. If you’ve never allowed yourself to share intimacy with another woman, I would love to help you explore that side of yourself. Among Las Vegas escorts, I have a reputation as a lady’s lady.

Gratify all your fetishes with our Las Vegas escorts

For the businessman in town who is tired of all work and no play, why not play with me? After an evening on the town with me, followed by some private time in your room, I guarantee you will not be bored by Vegas anymore. Las Vegas escorts are famous for being able to show a man a good time and, with all modesty, I am one of the best.

Even couples appreciate my diverse talents and creativity. And, I so love being the center of their attention. I never feel out of place when I’m with a couple. We all seem to fit together so nicely. I think, if you choose me instead of another of the Las Vegas escorts you’ve been looking at this evening, you wife or girlfriend will appreciate me just as much as you do.

So, stop cruising the web right now and call Escorts of Sin City. Ask for me, Kiki, and let me bring a little passion to your evening.

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