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[email protected]  |  Jenna


Hey, there. I know what you're thinking. After looking at all the other blonde Las Vegas strippers you’ve seen, as soon as you saw my blonde hair, you asked yourself, “Is she just another blonde bimbo with fake tits?” Well, take a closer look these titties of mine, Honey. These Babies are real.

From my titties to my tootsies, and all points in between, what you see is what you get, and every bit of it is real.

I’m no dummy either. I can definitely hold up my end of a conversation, among other things. So, if you need a date for an important business dinner, I’m the girl to choose. If you need to hire a Booth Babe for a week at the Convention Center, I can handle that for you too. Or, if you're looking for a GFE for a weekend at the lake, take me, I love outdoor sports as much as I love indoor sporting…LOL. If you're looking at Las Vegas strippers, trying to decide who can be whatever you need her to be, choose me. I’m the versatile entertainer you need.

Of course, men like me, but ladies like me too. If you're a business woman in town for a week of work, maybe now is the time to check out the other side of your personality, the side that has always wondered what it would be like to spend some quality time with another woman. If you're checking out Las Vegas strippers, looking for someone who would love to spend some “just us girls” time with you, I am definitely the girl to choose.

I would love to be your date for the night. We can do some clubbing together, hitting all the hot spots in town, or we can share a quiet dinner for two. Then, when the fun is done, we can share some pleasure too. Alone in the privacy of your room, just the two of us, we can explore all the intimate possibilities we can think of. A private, intimate show, or a long, relaxing, sensual massage would be the perfect end to a perfect evening. Las Vegas strippers who are truly versatile are hard to find but, that is not a problem, now that you’ve found me.

I’m an independent kind of girl, which means I work only for me – and you. So, now that you’ve seen dozens of Las Vegas strippers, make the call to Escorts of Sin City and schedule a date with me, Jenna. No strings, no regrets, guaranteed.

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