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[email protected]  |  Dana

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Well, hey there, how are you this evening? My name is Dana, and I am one of the most popular Las Vegas escorts you could ever hope to meat – Oops, I mean MEET! LOL!

What is my best feature, you ask? Well, many people like my titties, while for others it’s my sexy tattoos. Some say it’s my pretty smile, while for still others it’s my eyes. For me though, it’s that sweet little seam between my ass and thighs. Oh my, I just love a little tickling back there, which is the most sensitive spot on my entire body. WEEEE!

I’m sure most Las Vegas escorts won’t let you anywhere near their asses but, with me, go ahead and grab a handful. That’s what it is there for, Baby!

Seriously though, I am a very physical girl. I love to run and work out so, if you have a really physical experience in mind for us, I’m definitely the girl to choose. Maybe we could get in a workout together, then work out together! I love to get hot and sweaty, then do a cool down with a friend. I guess that means I’m not one of your typical Las Vegas escorts, but then, is that really what you were looking for this evening?

Let me tell you something else about me. While I do enjoy entertaining a nice man who’s visiting our town, I really love spending time with the ladies. There is just something really special about meeting a woman who has decided to finally let her hair down and satisfy her curiosity. Being in Vegas seems to help them let go of their inhibitions, and I just love to be around when that happens. I’m also one of the few Las Vegas escorts who enjoys spending time with a couple. That is the best of both worlds for me!

For business men in town for a week or so, I can be the special treat you allow yourself for working so hard while being away from home. I can help you live out a fantasy, or make a dream come true for you. Among Las Vegas escorts, I’m known as a star; in fact, that is why I have two of them tattooed above my ass! Let me be the shining star in your evening, Baby!

So now that you’ve found me among all the Las Vegas escorts you’ve seen, isn’t it time to get busy? Maybe you should get your hands out of your pants and make the call for me, Dana. Once you’ve seen my moon and stars, I guarantee you’ll never forget me!

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