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I’ll bet you’ve never met a girl like me; so slim, yet also voluptuous. Who even knew that, from all the escorts Las Vegas has to offer, slim and voluptuous could even go together like they do with me? Yeah, it’s my big, soft, completely natural titties that make me voluptuous, although my long, slim legs do go all the way up to make a very nice ass of themselves, if I do say so myself – and I do! LOL.

I take good care of my body, keeping it soft, sexy, and smooth all over. I just love the look and feel of smooth, sexy skin everywhere. It makes me feel almost as young as I look. In fact, most men tell me I look too young to have the body that I have – and the naughty personality to go with it! Even though I look like a teenage girl at first, I have the mind and body of a woman; a woman who knows what she likes in men – and in other women, which makes me one of the most gifted escorts Las Vegas can provide.

I enjoy most sports, both watching and playing. I also love to gamble, and have been told by many gamblers that I'm a real good luck charm at the tables. I like it best when we begin an evening together over drinks and dinner, spending a little bit of time together as we get to know each other, then it is more fun when we play together. I'm very adaptable and quite flexible when it comes to play time, and have been told I'm one of the most talented escorts Las Vegas has seen in recent years.

I truly love spending time with other women who are in town, whether for business or pleasure. I mean really, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, right? Most of the ladies I’ve dated have told me that they enjoy my gentle style, my sweet attitude, and my giving nature. They say I’m the sweetest piece of candy they could have hoped for when choosing from all the other escorts Las Vegas has available.

More than a few couples have shared this piece of candy as well, which is a truly glorious experience for me, a best of both worlds experience for everyone involved.

So, now that you’ve wasted half the evening looking at all the escorts Las Vegas can provide for your entertainment, how about making your choice right now? Choose me, a sweet piece of Candy that can make your trip to Vegas something you will always remember.

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