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[email protected]  |  Brandy

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Word on the street is, all it takes is one sip of Brandy and you’ll be tingling from your tongue to your toes!

Hi, I’m Brandy, and I’m the girl they’re talking about. I’m one of the very few redheaded Las Vegas escorts, especially with milky white skin. Yes, it’s true; I live in Las Vegas and I DO NOT TAN. Why? First, I do not love freckles, but I do love smooth, creamy skin. Second, I want to stay young and pretty for as long as possible, without my skin looking old. Third, I prefer an air conditioned restaurant, or casino – or bedroom – to toasting my ass by some damn pool!

In case you haven’t noticed, I'm and INDOOR kind of girl!

Most people think my large, soft breasts are my greatest asset, but I disagree. I think my greatest asset is my open minded attitude toward adult entertainment. At 24, I do have some experience, which is what makes me one of the top Las Vegas escorts you will find online. I am fun loving and passionate; I am educated and articulate; I am versatile and interesting – in all sorts of ways.

My greatest pleasure is in entertaining visitors to Sin City. I just love to show newbies around our town, sharing the various forms of adult entertainemnt which has made Vegas the adult entertainment capital of the world. Businessmen who need a date for an evening; women who are looking to satisfy their long denied curiosity; couples on vacation looking to add a bit of spice to their lives, are all happy to spend time with. Among Las Vegas escorts, I’m known to have very few limits, and even fewer inhibitions.

I’ve been told I’m a pleasure to be with, and it is my pleasure to be a pleasure. I’m young enough to seek adventure, yet mature enough to know how to provide it. I know all the best clubs, restaurants, and casinos, and I’m well known enough around town that I can usually get us into the hottest shows, even the ones that are “Impossible.” I am truly one of the most entertaining Las Vegas escorts in town, because I have the experience to make our evening together one that you will never forget.

So, if you’ve grown tired of cruising the web for Las Vegas escorts, and by now you should be, go ahead and make the call to Escorts of Sin City. When you do, ask for me, Brandy, that soothing drink of lick’er that can make your evening a dream come true.

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