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[email protected]  |  Alyssa

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Hello, my name is Alyssa. Most people tell me I look too young and innocent to do what I do for a living; too much like the girl next door; or somebody’s little sister. Well, no way, that is not me. I love to play with strangers. In fact, the stranger the better…LOL! Just kidding. But I do love being one of the most popular Las Vegas escorts in Sin City, because that means I get to do what I love best, playing with people I’ve just met.

Role playing is one of my favorite things in the world. I can be your maid, your wife, or your little girl for the evening. I can be your classy date for an important business dinner, or the lovely little stripper you’ve chosen to make your buddies jealous. I can be Daddy’s naughty girl, or Mommy’s little angel. For other Las Vegas escorts, role playing is just a job; for me, it’s a way of life. Don’t ask me why, only my therapist knows for sure!

Men love me; couples adore me; and women treasure an evening with me, as I do with them. For me, the best thing in the world is a weekend of playing; whatever the game. I can do some fishing with a sportsman, a little Twister in the nude with a couple, or just some intimate time with a lady on the lake. If a true GFE experience is what you're looking for, among Las Vegas escorts, I’m known as the GFE to choose.

I think you can tell by looking at my pictures that I’m a fun-loving girl, just as you can tell that I have a cute little body. While playing dress up is a wonderful game, taking a dress off is very sexy too. I keep myself soft and smooth everywhere, ‘cause that’s the way I like it. My hair is long, soft, thick, and wavy. My titties are just about perfect and, the rest of me isn’t bad either. And, although I admit I look young, I’m one of the sexiest Las Vegas escorts you could hope to find.

If you're looking to fill an evening, a night, or a weekend with playful pleasure, you could certainly do worse than me.

Don’t you think it’s time to quit looking? Don’t you think that, from all the other Las Vegas escorts you’ve seen this evening, I’m just about the tastiest treat you’ve seen? It’s definitely time to call Escorts of Sin City and ask for me, Alyssa, the girl who can, and wants, to be whatever you need me to be.